March 2010

Week in Savings 2/21/10 – 2/28/10

by Gina on March 1, 2010

Here are some things that helped us save/spend less this week:

  • Received my annual bonus from work.
  • Received a free product coupon from SeaCuisine
  • Received a free product coupon from Digiorno
  • Had a fantastic baby shower on Sunday, receiving many gifts for baby Angelo
  • Found a package of the $189 baby bedding I was planning to buy anyway in the clearance bin at the front of Babies R Us and got it for $71!!! It just so happened that they had a floor model they wanted to get rid of – it wasn’t missing anything and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. This was a serious score for me!
  • Received $5 giftcard that I cashed out with Swagbucks.
  • Purchased a travel system online for $90 less than other sites were charging… even eBay!!! It really pays to shop around.
  • Purchased Graco Sweetpeace off of Ebay – cheaper than I could find one with a coupon, etc.
  • Purchased a Baby Bjorn carrier – new off eBay for $38. This retails for $79-$89 at Babies R Us and other retail stores.
  • Sold a textbook on for $23.00.
  • Received $15 in Glade rebates.

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Month in Savings – Feb 2010

by Gina on March 1, 2010

This year, I decided I would track all of the income that is generated from our smart shopping, bank interest, cashback programs, bank offers, etc. I knew it would add up, but now I realize how much it helps us. The picture above is a snapshot of one of the sheets that I started using to track our monthly income from various miscellaneous things. This is the breakdown:

  • Swagbucks Redeemed as giftcards: $10
  • Cashback from Online Shopping Programs (see my right side-bar): $13.33
  • Bank Interest: $0.88
  • American Express monthly Cashback: $17.04
  • Other Offers (transferring prescriptions, etc): $5.00
  • Freebies Received: $13.47
  • Value of Gifts Received: $1956.31

Clearly, the majority of our additional “income” this month came from very generous family and friends that helped us get many needs taken care of for little Angelo’s pending arrival. We had a beautiful baby shower last weekend!

Total: $2060.25!

Savings off of our total spent in groceries, HBA, Clothing, & Household items was 40%!

Sadly, I didn’t use hardly any coupons this month, being so busy with school and getting things together for our new addition – hopefully I will have some nice couponing opportunities to report next time.

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