Baby Angelo is HERE!

by Gina on June 2, 2010

Photography by Samantha Parks @ Firefly Photography

Baby Angelo is finally here and I have had a month to get accustomed to my new role as *MOM*. I am thrilled and exhausted, but ready to get back into the groove of doing what I can to save my family some hard earned money!

The past two months have been a money-saving nightmare for us, with me in the final stages of pregnancy and then the birth of our son we had to let some of our frugality go by the wayside. In addition to not having the energy to really do any couponing, deal hounding, etc. we spent a great deal on getting our front and back yards landscaped; however, we know we will be in our home for the long haul and we are so happy with how everything turned out! Fortunately, we did the majority of the work ourselves, so it cost only a portion of what it would have cost if we had hired people to do the work for us. Additionally, we put in many fruit-bearing plants in the back-yard which should start saving us some money on produce in the years to come!

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Reflections of Year One…

by Gina on June 15, 2009

I just want to say that I have only been couponing since this past summer. In July it will be a full year. I can’t believe my first year of my new couponing lifestyle is already coming to a close. This past year has truly been adventure and the start of something that has changed my life! Every day I am learning something new and picking up on new ideas and couponing/frugal living techniques from fellow bloggers. Oh how I am grateful to the many hard-working couponers out there who are so eager to share their tips and tricks with Noobie’s like Moi! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I still have SOOOO much to learn.

Since my first year is quickly coming to a close, I thought I would make some goals for year #2. Here they are:

Goal #1 – Greatly increase food stockpile in order to drastically reduce grocery bills that continue
to be too high
Goal #2 – Learn more about blogging!
Goal #3 – Become regular with weekly menu planning/cooking and freezing meals ahead
Goal #4 – Find a place to donate all of those pesky diabetes monitors
Goal #5 – Start dumpster diving again
Goal #6 – Learn how to do more couponing at Target

These are the only ones I can think of right now, but I will add more as they pop into my head!


First Crack at Blogging!

June 7, 2009

After my first year of extreme couponing, I decided to take the plunge and begin my own blog. I have been so inspired by the accounts of other individuals, such as myself, who have turned clipping coupons into a truly fun adventure! I am by NO means an expert on this topic, but I really […]

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