In the Garden

by Gina on June 2, 2010

We spent a lot of time landscaping this Spring and put a great deal of fruiting plants in the backyard. Hopefully these will yield some delicious fruit for years to come!

On the trellis’ – blackberries and raspberries
Front row – Everbearing strawberries
Raspberries are ripening!
Everbearing strawberries have been producing for several weeks!
We have 4 canteloupe plants that are flowering nicely!4 Watermelon plants that are sending tons of shoots!Only two plums so far, but at least they aren’t green anymore!

In addition to these we have 2 blueberry bushes, 1 nectarine tree, 1 elberta peach tree, 2 bing cherry trees, 1 honeycrisp apple tree, a kiwi vine, and 2 roma tomato plants. The strawberries have been producing nicely! Can’t wait to harvest some more (before the bugs and neighborhood kids make their mark)!

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Friday Garden Update

by Gina on June 26, 2009

While letting the dogs out this evening after work I peeped around the garden to see what was growing. I picked another zucchini that had ripened, and I noticed how much more is starting to grow! We have 4 baby tomatoes starting to form, a couple canteloupes, a yellow squash, and cucumbers all coming along nicely! Here are some pics…



June 21, 2009

I weeded our veggie garden yesterday so the poor little things could grow in peace! The zucchini looked absolutely perfect, so I picked it. Here is a picture of our very first harvest! What a great feeling to be able to go right into your backyard and pick food to eat! While I was out […]

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June 20, 2009

I am sooo excited that we have seen the first beautiful crop from our little vegetable garden. It’s a zucchini, and I am itching to pick it! Bry wants us to wait and let it grow on the vine, but right now it is about as big as you would buy in the supermarket. The […]

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