Grocery Challenge Week 7 (2/13-2/19)

by Gina on February 22, 2011

Goal: $400 a month for groceries, HBA, Dog Food, and Baby Formula

I am a bit nervous that we won’t be able to meet our goal this month since we have pretty much met our budget as of last week and we are out of fresh fruit and will need more baby formula again. But, we will see I guess! I have a Target gift card I could use to purchase more formula, and I am waiting on a Visa gift card that I won to show up any day. I do not include money spent on a gift card as part of our grocery budget since this money is not included in our earnings. I am more focused on out of pocket costs. This is what we spent last week:

  • Refills for soda stream machine: $18.39
  • Kroger: $27.79
  • Dog Food (Petco): $18.00
  • Baby Formula: $25.00

Total: $89.18
Amount Remaining for February: $21.22

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1 siobhan February 22, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Have you tried buying dog food at Sams club or Bjs or Costco? That’s what I do, a 50lb bag is like $26 for beneful and $35 for purina, store brand is even cheaper. I know its a lot but its the same cost as a 20lb bag. And it stays fresh in a large plastic container!

Just a thought :)

It lasts my dog about 4months, and he eats a cup a day.


2 Gina February 22, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Hi Siobhan! Great point! The $18 was actually the cost of 1/2 of a 40lb bag of Iam’s mini chunks since my dogs usually go through about 20lbs. per month. Yes – it is very expensive stuff. My dogs have been on the same food for years and I have been afraid to change it since my Westie has an extremely sensitive stomach. I have checked Costco and they do not carry that brand in my area, unfortunately.

If anyone knows where I can find Iam’s mini chunks for less, please let me know! ;-)


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