Walgreens Thanksgiving Day!

by Gina on November 26, 2009

$3.09 MM! (minus tax)

Dove Ultimate Deoderant 3.99
Coupon: $2.00
RR: $4.00
Total: $2.01 MM!

Johnson’s Softwash 5.99
RR: $6.00
Total: FREE

Nivea Men’s Shave Gel $2.49
RR: $2.50
Total: FREE

Right Guard Deoderant @2.49
RR: $2.50
Total: Free

Infusium 23 $4.99
Coupon: $2.00
RR: $5.00
Toatal: $2.01 MM!

Dulcolax Balance $7.00
Coupon: $3.00
RR: $4.00
Total: FREE

Crayola 64ct Crayons $1.99
RR: 1.00
Total: $0.99

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Walgreens 9.27.09

by Gina on September 27, 2009

Profit: $2.13

I have a love / hate relationship with Walgreens Register Rewards. I love that there is no limit on how many items you can “buy” (provided you are willing to drive all over town and hit multiple stores). But there are so many drawbacks! They expire in two weeks time, many stores have had printing or catalina machine issues, not to mention all of the stipulations required to spend them. If only they could be more like CVS! Maybe someday…

That being said, I went to Walgreens for the first time in a while, and did some RR shopping. Did it go smoothly without any problems? Of course not! My toothbrush RR did not print and I purchased the wrong Gillette Razor (yes that was my fault). But the manager was very friendly and credited the $3 that wouldn’t print from the toothbrush onto a giftcard and I was able to exchange the razor for the correct type and get my RR’s from that as well.

Okay, enough complaining. Here is what I did:

Herbal Essences Product – $2.99
Coupon – $1.00
RR’s earned – $2.00
Total: $0.01 MM

Chapstick Fresh Effects – $2.99
RR – $2.00
Total: $0.99

Gillette Fusion MVP Razor – $8.99
Coupon – $4.00
RR’s – $6.00
Total: $1.01 MM

Oral B Advantage 1,2,3 Toothbrush – $3.00
Coupon – $0.75
RR’s – $3.00
Total: $0.75 MM

Vaseline Sheer Infusions – $6.99
Coupon – $1.25
RR’s – $7.00
Total: $1.26 MM

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What I Plan to "Buy" at Walgreens 9.27.09

September 27, 2009

This is what I plan to get at Walgreens tomorrow…Unfortunately I don’t have time for multiple trips, but at least this one will be a money maker, and I will also get some cool freebies! $4.24 Profit!

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Walgreens 8/6/09

August 6, 2009

Profit: $1.02! Walgreens put out one of their $5 off a $25 purchase coupons yesterday and combined with Kellogg’s Fuel for School rebate, coupons, and register rewards, this was a deal I couldn’t pass up! 4 Kellogg’s Nutri Grain bars – $10.00Coupons – $2.00Register Rewards – $5.00Total: $3.00 2 Kellogg’s cereal – $5.00Coupons – $1.00Register […]

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Walgreens 8/2/09

August 2, 2009

Profit: $0.02 + tax I haven’t been to Walgreens in almost a month because the deals have really been poor lately! Anyway, I needed to pop in to buy several papers and I also picked up a couple of Free after RR items. Vitamin Shampoo – $3.99Register Rewards – $4.00Total: $0.01 MM! G.U.M. Toothbrushes – […]

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Walgreens 7/5/09

July 5, 2009

Total: $19.29 In order to use up $19 in Register Rewards I bought 9 newspapers so that I would have the coupons available to use for today’s Febreze sale at CVS. 9 newspapers = $18Gum = $1.29

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Walgreens 6/24

June 25, 2009

Cost: $7.58 I purchased 6 coupons for the John Frieda online recently and they just arrived in the mail on Tuesday. I also wanted to roll some RR’s so I wouldn’t be pressured to use them when they expired on Sunday. 6 John Frieda = 6/$30 – $18 in Qs – $10 in RR’s back […]

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Walgreens 6/21

June 21, 2009

Cost: $11.09 6 Newspapers – $12.002 Aquafresh Toothpastes – $2.00 MM!Gum – $1.09

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Walgreens 6/18/09

June 20, 2009

Profit – $1.51! I was running in between CVS stores yesterday to find those money-making wipes, so I decided to stop at the Walgreens that is on my way home to see if I could score another $1.50 money-making St. Ives body wash… and I did! I bought 20 coupons on Ebay and have used […]

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June 15, 2009

So, yesterday I spent my entire Sunday morning traveling around town to various Walgreen’s stores to pick up the St. Ives body wash that was a $1.50 MM. I bought 20 coupons on eBay for about $5 and made $15 off of the 10 bottles I purchased. That $10 was then used to pay for […]

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