Week In Savings: 10/15 – 10/21

by Gina on October 21, 2010

It’s been several weeks since I have posted about my week in savings, but I hope to keep up with it as I like to use it as a tool for myself so that I have something to look back on and track the things I have done to save/make some money.

Here are some things I did this past week:

1. Used CSN gift cards that I won to purchase loaf pans, a George Foreman grill, pasta maker, can holder for the pantry, and a plastic bag holder.

2. I used some of my Amazon.com gift card balance to purchase a new Duvet cover, $39.99 (originally $80), to cover the comforter we have been using for 3 years. I also purchased several used books on Amazon.com, including the Millionaire and the Complete Tightwad Gazette.

3. In reading the Tightwad Gazette, that has been recommend all over the frugal community for quite some time, I have been inspired in many ways (and I am only a quarter of the way through the book). One thing I am going to start doing is make my own bread and pasta! Hence the purchase of the pasta machine and loaf pans from CSN Stores :)

4. I have vowed to STOP biting my nails (again) and so far have succeeded for about two weeks and counting. Professionally done nails would cost be about $50-$60 a month. To do my nails at home would cost around $20 for the artificial nails and glue that can be purchased at the drug store.

5. This week I have not blow-dried or straightened my hair. I have enjoyed just wearing my hair naturally wavy with my favorite spray gel (purchased for free with coupons). I know that saves electricity, which I would love to calculate sometime, and it also saves me about 25 minutes.

6. I entered more blog giveaways for things that I really want since they are very “winnable” compared to national sweeps.

7. I redeemed 3,550 mypoints for an Old Navy $25 giftcard.

8. I won a blog contest for 2 lbs. of coffee – an $18 value! Yum!

9. Learned how to make whole-wheat English muffins from scratch using ingredients on hand.

10. Instead of purchasing the starter logs for our fireplace, we used the cheaper fire starter sticks and used wood that my DH chopped up from the back yard.

11. Learned how to make a wonderful homemade (and healthier) version of a Mocha Latte at home with the new to me espresso machine I purchased at a yard sale for $25. Just add some sweetener of your choice along with a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder to skim milk before steaming it, then add the steamed milk to the shots of espresso.

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