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by Gina on March 9, 2011

Taken from  Bree at BreeBee:

I am very excited to address some 2011 changes and tweaks to Blogmania’s event.

As you may have heard we are launching a BIG giveaway hop on April 9 & 10. There are THOUSANDS of dollars of items to pass out! I haven’t calculated it yet but I am pretty sure we are at ten thousand or so! Yes, that is pretty sweet for about 65 blogs to have obtained!

Here are the changes….

Blogmania is adding a day- this is now running until April 11th, 11:59pm est. That is April 9, 10 and 11! That provides one more day to scoop up some prizes.

On Monday, April 11th registration will open for October mini-Mania event! There will be no minimum prize package, just maximum fun.

For April the fee is $5, from May 1st until September 9th will be $7. Anyone that has signed up for any 2011 blogmania event will have a very special, top secret offer presented to you in 2012 too…

Also, each blogger can do and set whatever terms they wish for their blog…as many entries, their choice of how the entries are entered (google doc or comment box)!

Blogmania is about growing our blogs and boldly representing our sponsors! We are so thankful for all of them that have provided a giveaway item to help make this event a BLAST!

You can visit our Facebook Blogmania Page too too see some previews of the amazing prizes that we each have.

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